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How do you open a fingerprint lock safe?

by:Proway     2023-07-02


Fingerprint lock safes are an excellent choice for individuals looking to secure their belongings. These safes rely on biometric technology to authenticate fingerprints and open the safe. However, many people struggle with opening them when they first purchase them. In this article, we will discuss how you can open a fingerprint lock safe.

What is a fingerprint lock safe?

Before we dive into how to open a fingerprint lock safe, it's essential to understand what it is. A fingerprint lock safe is a safe that requires a person's fingerprint to open. They usually come with a digital keypad and a fingerprint scanner. They are highly secure, and their biometric technology provides an added layer of protection.

Step-by-step guide on opening a fingerprint lock safe

1. Register your fingerprint

To open a fingerprint lock safe, you first need to register your fingerprint. Ensure that the fingerprint scanner reads your fingerprint correctly by enrolling it correctly. Press your finger onto the scanner with the same amount of pressure you would use when unlocking your phone. The scanner will capture your fingerprint and save it.

2. Set up your lock code

As an additional layer of security, most fingerprint lock safes require a lock code. Depending on your safe's model, you can set up the lock code and input it on the digital keypad. Once you enter the code, the safe will recognize it as a correct combination, and the safe will open.

3. Place your finger on the scanner

With your fingerprint enrolled and lock code set up, you are ready to open your safe. Place your finger on the scanner, and it will read your fingerprint. The scanner must read the same fingerprint that you enrolled, so ensure that you are pressing your finger onto the scanner correctly. Some safes require that you hold your finger on the scanner for a few seconds before the safe unlocks.

4. Enter your lock code (if required)

In case your fingerprint scanner is unable to read your fingerprint, or the fingerprint scanner fails, you can still open your safe using your lock code. Input your lock code onto the digital keypad, and the safe will open. The lock code is an extra layer of security that is useful when the fingerprint scanner malfunctions or if the user cannot access the fingerprint scanner for some reason.

5. Safely store and organize your belongings

Once you have opened your fingerprint lock safe, arrange and store the contents securely. Your safe can store a range of items, including jewelry, electronic gadgets, important documents, and cash.

Tips for opening a fingerprint lock safe

1. Keep the scanner clean and free of smudges.

Ensure that the fingerprint scanner is clean and free of any smudges or dirt. The scanner uses infrared rays to read your fingerprint, and any dirt or debris can interfere with the scanner's accuracy. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the scanner. Avoid using any cleaning agents, as they might damage the scanner.

2. Test your fingerprint scanner regularly.

It's essential to test your fingerprint scanner frequently to ensure that it is functioning correctly. Try using different fingers or fingerprints to check if the scanner is reading correctly. If it fails to recognise the fingerprints, perform troubleshooting to fix any issues.

3. Change the batteries when needed.

Fingerprint lock safes rely on battery power to operate. Ensure that you change the batteries regularly, so your safe remains functional at all times. When the battery power runs low, the safe may not open or malfunction. Always ensure that you have a backup power source.

4. Store backups of critical data elsewhere

In case the safes malfunction or you forget your fingerprint, it is best to keep critical data elsewhere for backup. Keep a copy of critical documents and important data elsewhere to avoid any risks.

5. Do not share your fingerprint or lock code.

It is essential to keep your fingerprint and lock code confidential. Avoid sharing this information with anyone, including close family members. This will prevent unauthorised access and ensures that your safe's contents remain secure.


Fingerprint lock safes are useful and highly secure if appropriately used. Enroll your fingerprint, set up the lock code and test the scanner regularly to ensure that it is operational. Keep the scanner clean, change the batteries when needed, and avoid sharing your lock code and fingerprints to increase the safe's security. With these tips, you can open your fingerprint lock safe with ease and keep your valuable possessions safe.

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