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How do you open a fingerprint safe without a key?

by:Proway     2023-07-01

How do you open a fingerprint safe without a key?

Safes are important for keeping valuable items and personal belongings secure. They come in different types, shapes, and sizes, but one of the most popular types is the fingerprint safe. The fingerprint safe is different from a traditional safe, as it uses biometric technology to lock and unlock. It is a convenient and secure way to store your valuables because only you or someone with your fingerprint can access the contents of the safe.

However, if you forget or lose the key to your fingerprint safe, it can be frustrating and even daunting to open. Luckily, there are ways to open a fingerprint safe without a key. In this article, we will explore how to open a fingerprint safe without a key and what you should do if you cannot open it.

Understanding how Fingerprint Safes Work

Fingerprint safes work by scanning your fingerprint in order to identify the person trying to access the safe. The sensor technology in these safes is highly sensitive and can detect even minor variations in a person’s fingerprint. Once it identifies your fingerprint, the safe releases a bolt that then allows the safe to open.

Fingerprint safes offer superior security because it is almost impossible for someone to replicate your fingerprint. In essence, only you and authorized individuals with registered fingerprints can gain access to the safe. Therefore, the ease of use and exceptional security level make fingerprint safes an excellent choice for storing valuable items or documents.

Ways to Open a Fingerprint Safe without a Key

If you forget or lose the key to your fingerprint safe, the following steps can help you get it open:

1. Try a Backup Key

Most electronic safes come with a backup key that you can use in case you forget your code or your fingerprints are not working. Look for the keyhole at the back or underneath the safe and use the key to open it. If it doesn’t work, try the next option.

2. Check Manufacturer’s Manual

Consult the manufacturer’s manual for instructions on how to reset the biometric feature of the safe. If you do this, you may be able to start fresh by registering new fingerprints and setting a new code. Contact the manufacturer if you don't have the manual to request for instructions.

3. Contact a Locksmith

Unlocking a safe without a key can be challenging, but qualified professional locksmiths have become trained in using non-destructive methods to open a safe without a key. The locksmith will have the appropriate tools to unlock the safe and provide a new key or reset the biometric feature. Contact a locksmith experienced in opening safes to help you.

4. Use a Bypass Code

Check with the manufacturer to see if the safe comes with a bypass code that you can use to unlock it. However, you must remember the code, or you may need to find it in the manufacturer’s manual.

5. Seek Assistance from Customer Support

The manufacturer’s customer support unit should be able to help you open the safe. Be prepared to confirm your identity and answer several relevant security questions before they provide assistance.

What to Do If You Cannot Open the Safe

If all the above methods fail, you may need to consider calling a professional locksmith who specialises in opening safes. This professional will have the necessary training and tools to unlock your safe safely and efficiently.

It is imperative to note that opening your safe can be a challenging task if you do not have the expertise, experience, or tools. Therefore, your initial attempts to open the safe should be non-destructive. Do not resort to forcing the safe doors or using inappropriate tools to open it.


Fingerprint safes are a modern and secure way to store valuable items or documents. However, forgetting or losing the key to your fingerprint safe could cause unfortunate frustrations. The above methods can help you open the safe and retrieve your valuables safely. If none of the methods works, then seek help from a qualified professional locksmith to help you gain access to your safe. Lastly, regularly changing the battery in your fingerprint lock will help ensure your lock remains functional at all times.

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