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Protect Your Valuables with a Hotel Safe

by:Proway     2023-06-28

Protect Your Valuables with a Hotel Safe

When you travel, your hotel room should feel like a home away from home. You want to unwind, relax, and not worry about the safety of your valuables. A hotel safe can give you peace of mind and keep your belongings secure. It's important to know what type of safe to choose, how to use it, and what to keep in it. Here are some tips to help.

Why Use a Hotel Safe?

A hotel safe provides the security of storing valuable items such as cash, jewelry, passports, and electronic devices. When you’re out exploring new destinations, keeping your valuables locked up in a hotel safe can help prevent theft and give you peace of mind. Additionally, insurance companies may require evidence that these items were properly secured while traveling in order to cover any potential loss.

Types of Hotel Safes

When it comes to selecting a safe for your hotel room, you have several options to choose from. The most popular being:

1. Electronic Safes

These are the most common and user-friendly option. They operate with a digital keypad that allows you to create your own four-to-six-digit code to access the safe. Electronic safes are typically found in most hotels and resorts, and while they're easy to use, they can be vulnerable to hacking. So, be sure to keep your code hidden and not use easily identifiable sequences like your birthday or anniversary date.

2. Keyed Safes

These safes operate with a lock and key. Unlike electronic safes, you don’t need a code to access them. However, they are not the best option as losing the key can cause hassle and defeat the purpose of traveling with a safe.

3. Combination Safes

Combination safes work with a combination of numbers you choose, but they operate differently than electronic safes. Instead of entering numbers into a keypad, you must turn a dial to the right or left to match up the combination. Combination safes operate on a mechanical system, so they are less vulnerable to hacking, but they can be inconvenient and time-consuming for those who are not familiar with them.

4. Biometric Safes

Biometric safes operate with fingerprint scanning and are the most advanced type of safe. They’re a good option for travelers who need quick and easy access to their belongings. However, they are not always available in most hotels and can be the most expensive type of safe to purchase.

How to Use a Hotel Safe

Using a hotel safe is straightforward. Most safes come with instructions, but here are some general tips to keep in mind:

1. Before leaving your valuable items in the safe, check to make sure it works. Often, the previous guest or maintenance may have made a mistake and left it locked or in an open position.

2. Create your own code or use the one provided. Making sure it's a key code that is unique and not easily guessable.

3. Store your valuables and items in the safe that are essential, tough to replace, or have high monetary value.

4. Before closing the safe, double-check the door to make sure it's properly locked.

What Not to Keep in a Hotel Safe

While a hotel safe can make your trip more secure, there are things that should not be stored in it. Examples include:

1. Large amounts of cash, which a dishonest employee could take from the safe in one swoop.

2. Personal belongings that could be mistaken for valuables, such as medicines or things that hold sentimental value.

3. Keys to your car, room, or apartment, as hotel staff may need access to them in case of an emergency.

4. Food or drinks since they can attract pests and ants into the safe.

5. Dangerous items that could cause harm through fire or contamination.

Overall, the safe should never be used as a storage unit for clutter or trash.


Traveling should be about experiencing new cultures, taking in sights, and exploring the world, but it's also important to protect your belongings throughout your journey. A hotel safe is one way to keep your valuables secure. When selecting a safe, consider your options, prepare a unique code, and store only essential and valuable items. So pack your bags, hit the road, and explore knowing your belongings are safe and secure.

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