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Should you store ammunition in a safe?

by:Proway     2023-07-05

Should You Store Ammunition in a Safe?

As a gun owner, safety and responsibility are of utmost importance. One of the key considerations in gun ownership is the safe storage of ammunition. Many gun owners question whether or not they should store their ammunition in a safe. In this article, we will explore the benefits and drawbacks of storing ammunition in a safe.

Why Should You Store Ammunition in a Safe?

1) Theft Prevention

One of the primary benefits of storing ammunition in a safe is theft prevention. It is no secret that guns and ammunition are highly sought after by burglars and thieves. Keeping your ammunition in a safe can significantly reduce the likelihood of theft, safeguarding not only your investment but also keeping dangerous materials out of the wrong hands.

2) Fire Protection

Another benefit of storing ammunition in a safe is fire protection. Although ammunition is relatively safe to store in most environments, it can pose a serious danger in case of a fire. Explosions can result from exposure to extreme heat, including an ammunition explosion. Keeping your ammunition in a safe can protect your ammo and other valuable belongings from damage in case of a fire.

3) Child Safety

Ammunition stored in a safe is inaccessible to children, which makes it an essential safety measure for parents who are gun owners. Children may be curious and accidentally find the guns or ammunition in your home. Storing your ammunition in a safe can prevent serious accidents or tragedies caused by unsupervised children playing with firearms.

4) Organization

Storing ammunition in a safe can also help keep your ammunition organized. Not only will it be easy to find the ammunition you need, but it will also prevent accidental mixing of ammunition. Ammunition stored haphazardly can cause serious accidents, and mixing different calibers can ruin your gun. A safe makes it possible to keep track of the ammunition you have, how much you have, and the expiration dates of your ammunition.

5) Longevity

Storing ammunition in a safe can help prolong its life. Most ammunition is made of metal and can corrode or rust over time. Keeping ammunition in a safe, which is a dry and stable environment, can prevent corrosion or rust.

Why Shouldn't You Store Ammunition in a Safe?

1) Cost

One of the drawbacks of storing ammunition in a safe is the cost. Quality safes for firearms and ammunition can be expensive. For this reason, many gun owners may find it impractical to store their ammunition in a separate safe. If you already have a gun safe, however, there may be no additional cost involved.

2) Accessibility

When stored in a safe, ammunition may be less accessible than when stored elsewhere. When you need ammunition, you'll have to go through the extra step of unbolting the safe, entering the code, and unlocking the door. If you need your ammunition in a hurry, this may not be ideal.

3) Space

Storing ammunition in a safe may take up precious space. If you have a smaller safe, it may not provide ample room for your growing collection of ammunition. This may mean you have to purchase a larger safe or move your ammunition to another storage location, which could be less safe.

4) Maintenance

Storing ammunition in a safe may require additional maintenance. Moisture accumulation can cause damage to your ammunition, which can make it dangerous to use. It's essential to check the humidity levels of your safe frequently to ensure that your ammunition is not exposed to too much moisture.

5) Limited Fire Protection

While it's true that storing ammunition in a safe can protect it from a fire, it is important to keep in mind that not all safes are fire-safe. Many gun safes are designed to protect guns from fire, but not necessarily ammunition. If you plan on storing ammunition in a safe, ensure that the safe is fire-safe, and meets the required industry standards, this will likely be more expensive than a regular gun safe.


Is it essential to store your ammunition in a safe? It's ultimately up to the individual gun owner to decide, weighing the benefits and drawbacks. If you want the added protection of theft prevention, fire protection, and child safety, storing your ammunition in a safe is a wise decision. On the other hand, if you feel that accessibility, space, and cost are more significant factors for you, then a safe may not be the best solution for your ammunition storage needs. Whatever you decide, remember that the responsibility is yours to keep your firearms and ammunition secured safely said his owner.

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