Proway Safes: Custom Safe Wholesale Manufacturers & Suppliers since 2003.

Our mission is to provide customers with valuable products at reasonable prices.

Modify or produce the safe according to your needs, and add your logo on it

Our company has many years of production experience, strict quality control before shipment

We can deliver the goods quickly and it will arrive in your hands soon.

main products

Proway safe manufacturers focuses on customized service with many kinds of custom safes for home, hotel, apartment, etc.

Besides, Proway safe suppliers accept custom cash box, key box, mailbox, etc. Welcome to visit our factory!

custom safe


Proway safe manufacturers Provide customers with cost-effective custom safe products and services, styles are specified at will, operations are specified according to their own use habits, rest assured, considerate


  Accept customized requirements to form preliminary written requirements

  According to customer orders, place production orders

  Transformed into product demand table and sent to custom workshop engineer

  Delivered to the custom workshop, clear requirements and delivery time

  Designed to provide customized product drawings, production cost check price turned over

  According to the order to complete the production, delivery to the customer's finger point

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