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100 keys Single Door Metal Security Electronic Safety Key Cabinet Box
Model No.
T/T, L/C
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45 Days
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Shanghai, China
Silk printing  (Customized design are acceptable)
As pictures or customized

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Wall Mount Key Box

Unlock a new realm of security and accessibility with our state-of-the-art Key Lock Box—a fusion of innovation, versatility, and robust design. Crafted to redefine how you safeguard and manage your keys, this lock box is your trusted companion for a seamless and secure experience.

Dual Access, Anytime:
Navigating in the dark is effortless with our backlit keypad—a beacon of clarity in any lighting condition. Our user-friendly pin code ensures quick access, customizable with 3-8 digits for personalized convenience. In times of urgency, rest assured that emergency access is just a key away.

Versatile Application, Unparalleled Solution:
Embrace the versatility of our key box—an ideal fit for homes, offices, property managers, apartment complexes, and even car repair shops. Whether it's for personal or professional use, our lock box stands ready to simplify your key management needs.

Optimal Wall-Mount Design:
Elevate your security experience with our meticulously designed 100-position key lock box. Spacious, well-constructed, and inherently convenient, it offers secure key storage that stands as a testament to reliability. Complete with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware, installation is a breeze, enhancing safety and convenience.

Resilient Against Threats, Anchored for Peace of Mind:
Our key safe is more than a storage solution—it's a fortress of protection. Armed with two round live-locking bolts, seamless forming construction, and pry-resistant concealed hinges, it ensures long-lasting resistance against forced entry. The additional option to anchor the box to the wall or floor elevates security further. With two pre-drilled holes and expansion screws included, installation becomes a seamless endeavor.

Elevate your key management experience with our Key Lock Box—a seamless blend of security, convenience, and robust construction. Redefine the way you secure and access your keys, confident in the knowledge that each key is meticulously safeguarded. Welcome a new era of secure key management into your space, where accessibility and protection intertwine flawlessly.

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