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28 Gun Safe Best Large Fireproof Long Gun Vault Security Locks Electronic Digital Gun Cabinet Safe Home Rifle Gun Cabinet

28 Gun Safe Best Large Fireproof Long Gun Vault Security Locks Electronic Digital Gun Cabinet Safe Home Rifle Gun Cabinet
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The Proway Electronical Gun Safe

The Proway Electronical Gun Safe

Welcome to a new level of firearm security with our updated electronical gun safe—a triumph of innovation, durability, and maximum safeguarding. Designed to instill confidence, this safe is your steadfast guardian in times of uncertainty, providing swift access to your firearms during emergencies.

The Ultimate in Sturdiness:
Experience true peace of mind with our integrally welded safe. Unlike other safes that require cumbersome assembly with multiple screws, our integrally welded construction exudes sturdiness and safety. This design not only eliminates potential weak points but also thwarts unwanted access from unauthorized visitors.

Expansive and Secure:
Embrace spaciousness with a larger and deeper rifle safe that accommodates up to 28 rifles, each up to 51" long. Unparalleled security is woven into the very fabric of this safe, with a 1.2" thick door fortified by a 5/8" diameter locking steel deadbolts system. Seven steel live-action locking bolts and the electronic keypad ensure your items remain inaccessible to the wrong hands.

Versatile Storage Solutions:
Reimagine organization with a separate lock box and removable storage shelf nestled within the rifle safe. This thoughtful design empowers you to store accessories, valuables, and even handguns in your home or office—combining security with convenience.

Silent Vigilance, Swift Action:
Unlock the benefits of smart technology, with the option to activate silent mode and deter theft. The electronic keypad empowers you with quick access to your firearms, while also safeguarding them from curious hands. An alarm system activates if an incorrect code is entered three times, adding an additional layer of security.

Effortless Installation, Boundless Possibilities:
We prioritize your convenience with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware. Attach the gun security cabinet with ease, either to the floor or wall (or both) using the included bolts. Choose your ideal location—whether it's hidden in a closet or integrated seamlessly into your space.

Elevate your firearm protection with the Proway Electronical Gun Safe—an exquisite blend of strength, accessibility, and vigilance. Redefine the way you safeguard your firearms, accessories, and valuables, confident in the knowledge that each item is guarded by an unwavering sentinel. Welcome an era of security into your space, where your peace of mind takes center stage.


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