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How can I hide my safe box at home?

by:Proway     2023-04-11


Safes are an essential part of every home, but sometimes they can be a bit of an eyesore. It's important to keep your valuables secure, but you don't want your safe to be visible to everyone who enters your home. In this article, we'll be discussing some methods on how you can hide your safe box at home while also keeping it accessible and secure.

1. Choosing the Right Safe Box

The first step in hiding your safe box is to choose the right one. Consider the size of the safe and where you want to place it. Some safes are designed to be mounted to a wall or floor, while others can be placed on a shelf. Choose a safe that is the right size and shape for your chosen location. You don't want it to be too bulky, or else it won't fit in the space you've chosen.

2. Concealing Your Safe Box

Once you've chosen the right safe, it's time to think about how best to conceal it. One option is to use a piece of furniture to hide it. A cabinet or bookcase is an excellent option because it can blend in with the rest of your furniture. You can also add a lock to the furniture to keep it secure.

Another option is to hide your safe behind a painting or picture. This option works best if your safe is small and lightweight. You can hang the picture on the wall, and the safe will be hidden behind it. If someone tries to move the picture, they won't be able to because the safe will be anchored to the wall.

3. Building a Secret Compartment

If you're feeling handy, you can build a secret compartment to house your safe. This option is perfect for those who want to keep their safe box completely hidden. The compartment can be built into a wall or furniture, and it can be disguised as a light switch, electrical outlet, or even a window sill.

4. Installing a False Bottom Drawer

If you have a dresser or chest of drawers, you can install a false bottom drawer to hide your safe. This method works best for smaller safes that can fit inside a drawer. The false bottom drawer is built to look like the other drawers, but it is slightly smaller to make room for the safe. You can also add a lock to the drawer to keep it secure.

5. Using a Closet or Pantry

If you don't have space for a piece of furniture or want to keep your safe box completely concealed, consider using a closet or pantry. You can install a small safe on the back or side of the door, or you can place it on a high shelf. You can also install a lock on the door to keep it secure.


Hiding your safe box at home is essential to keep your valuables secure. With the right safe box and some creative thinking, you can find a way to hide your safe that works for you. Whether you choose to build a secret compartment, install a false bottom drawer, or hide your safe in a piece of furniture, you can keep your safe box discreet while still having easy access to your valuables.

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