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How to choose a home safe

How to choose a home safe



How to choose a home safe

Before choosing and buying a safe, you must be clear about two things - one is to determine the location of the safe, because after all, the safe is nothing else. The things to be inside are the more important things in your daily life. Take it out easily. The second is to determine the size of the location where the safe is stored. The purpose of this is to prevent the purchased safe from being found to be inconsistent with the size of the location prepared at home after selection and purchase.

Before choosing and buying a safe, you can learn about it on the Internet and gain some knowledge about the safe. You must know that a good brand has quality assurance, can provide better service, and will also have a certain quality of goods. To be guaranteed, you can also collect a little more products about safes online, and then choose the ones that are generally more cost-effective to buy. In addition, you can also learn about this product through the introduction of relatives and friends around you, and then choose according to your actual needs and economic situation.


When purchasing a safe, it should be measured according to the size of the items to be stored. In particular, the maximum size of the length, width and height of the stored items should be considered to match the box body; secondly, it meets the requirements of the installation location of the safe, which is generally installed on the wall. The depth of the safe shall not exceed 20 cm, and the depth of the installation in the wardrobe shall not exceed the depth of the wardrobe. There is no need to buy a large home safe, just to store a small amount of valuables or materials, just enough to avoid taking up too much space.


Secondly, you need to see how good the anti-theft safe you need. The most important point of the safe is actually anti-theft, because the purpose of buying a safe is to prevent your valuables from being stolen. Generally, the thickness of the steel plate of the safe is enough. You can touch it with your hand when you choose it to feel its real weight. If it is too light, it means that the thickness of the steel plate is not enough; and after removing the high-quality safe Except for the back welding, the other surfaces are stamped and formed at one time, and the corners of the cabinet are rounded. In addition, the easiest way is to find the relevant staff to check the test report of the product.

Then there is the dependence of usage habits mainly on the choice of locks by consumers. Now all that can be seen on the market are mechanical and electronic password safes. The use of mechanical safes is more traditional, that is, after purchasing the safe, you will be given a matching key, and then the auxiliary password can be used to open it with the key, but it is difficult to change the password; and now the popular electronic safes on the market, It is more convenient in the way of use, and there are more operations that can be realized in terms of functions. At present, the market is favored. In addition, many manufacturers have launched smart WiFi safes, which can implement intelligent monitoring and real-time query through mobile phones. It is indeed a good choice for young people who are more dependent on electronic products.


The last thing is to look at the environment of the safe you are using, and determine the installation location of the safe according to the size of the safe. Usually, the safe is generally installed in three places:

One is buried in a hidden place such as a closet or a bedside table. If you want to put the safe in the closet, you should consider the location of the safe when customizing the closet;

The second is fixed or buried in the wall. If you plan to bury the safe on the wall, you must leave enough size first; so as not to open the hole after decoration; of course, the decoration can be fixed on the wall with expansion screws, but it will affect the appearance;

The third is to place it directly on the bookcase or on the ancient shelf. The safes on the market can be completely integrated with the home in terms of color and craftsmanship. Sometimes it is impossible to tell whether it is a safe from the appearance, that is, it is safe and beautiful.

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