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What is a depository safe?

What is a depository safe?


If you want to keep your cash safe and easy to access while running your store, you can choose a safe deposit box. It will keep your cash or receipts inside the safe, preventing thieves or customers from accessing them.

Why Choose Deposit Safe?

Many thefts are known to occur in urban areas where thieves withdraw money from cash drawers. Such incidents can happen if you do not use a commercial safe. A deposit safe is the best option for protecting your money from robbery. Many business owners choose a safe because it has a chrome slot for easy and quick storage of cash and checks. We worry about thieves or customers demanding money, so we designed anti-phishing features. It works like a normal safe, with a password system that only allows access to authorized individuals while keeping others out. This makes it harder for thieves to steal valuables. You just need to remember the combination of your safe and leave everything to the safe.

deposit safe box

What size should you choose?

The size of your deposit safe box depends on how much money and other assets you want to store at one time. Larger safes offer more space and are suitable for long-term storage of large quantities of valuables without being easily moved. Smaller safes offer less storage space and are easier to move. Regardless of whether it is a large-sized safe or a small-sized safe, we have accessories that can be fixed to the floor or wall.

deposit safe Accessories

When your desk space is limited, under-desk safes offer a practical and discreet solution. By utilizing the often unused space under your desk, small deposit safe maximizes your workspace while providing added security for your valuables. With its hidden storage features, convenience and flexibility, and its easy-access design, you can quickly and discreetly store or retrieve items without interrupting your workflow or leaving your desk. This safe is ideal for individuals looking for a safe and easy-to-access storage option at their fingertips.

If you have enough floor space, we still recommend choosing a larger fall arrest safe.

under desk small deposit safe

Is the safe easy to tamper with the password?

Tampering with the combination of a highly secure safe is not easy because it takes a lot of time. This acts as a deterrent to thieves or customers who try to tamper with the password within a limited time, causing them to give up.

So heavy-duty safes recommended


The benefits of heavy duty safes are as follows:

1. Anti-pry technology: The heavy-duty safe adopts laser cutting technology, with small solder joints and small scars, which can better prevent theft.

2. Weight: Heavy duty safes are much heavier than regular safes.

3. High Security: Heavy-duty safes are usually made with strong materials and construction, such as thick steel and reinforced door frames, for superior security.

heavy duty deposit safe

Fireproof safes are also available if you are concerned about your cash being unsafe in the event of a fire, or if you want to be fireproof. Safe box fireproof come in different ratings, the higher the rating the more fire protection you get. Fireproof safes are much heavier than regular safes. Proway manufactures fire-resistant safes to UL standards, using an interior foam cement that can withstand high temperatures while keeping cash intact.

If you're thinking about choosing a safe, consider the following tips:

Buy from a trusted seller. You wouldn't buy a drop box from an unknown seller because you're not sure their product will meet the theft-proof requirements you want. For the best cash safe, you can buy it from a reputable seller like Proway. Proway offers a wide range of safes for different purposes, all professionally tested and certified. Proway works with multinational corporations like Amazon, Fireking, ACE etc. They are exported to Germany, UK, USA,  Australia United Arab Emirates, Tailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries and have established business relationships with many companies in various industries.

deposit safe export country

There are three types of items to choose from in the warranty guarantee, one of which is suitable for your needs:

1. Mechanical Lock: One of the key advantages of hooks is their simplicity. Just a handful of physical spoons, you can get it as soon as you open the insurance box, so you can get it. There is no need for a secret payment, which is a kind of direct and direct appointment system.

2. Combo Lock: One of the main advantages of combined lock is convenience. No need for a handbag or a multi-handle spoon that does not match your memory, it is a safe item that you can bring with you. There is no problem if you are in a healthy room, in a school office, or in a joint office, you can use the express delivery service to open the goods or security box, and you will not have to worry about it. Combined safety in its unique combination. Passing through a selection of non-restrictive groups, it is possible to guarantee that the individual will not be able to receive the item legally.

3. Electronic Lock: One of the main advantages of the secret lock is high safety. Personalization of personalization through use is subject to complete control by anyone and its contents. Strong and unique security, lock-in tightness and security reform mechanism, no guarantees, easy security measures for individuals.

diposit Lock

In Conclusion:

For business owners or anyone involved in managing a store or other business, a fall-proof or fire-resistant safe is not just an option, it's a necessity. You can safely store your cash in a safe, making sure no one can take your hard-earned cash away. When looking for the best commercial safes, you can rely on Proway. When it comes to choosing your preferred commercial safe, you have a wide variety of brands to choose from. You can choose from cash safes with biometric or traditional locking mechanisms. In conclusion, do not underestimate the importance and indispensability of cash

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