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What is a key lock box?

What is a key lock box?


The Key Safe Box is a sturdy mechanical metal box that allows you to securely store your keys. It is installed in bricks or concrete outside your property and your keys can be accessed via a combination code.

Only you and anyone authorized to access your property knows the combination code. It allows you to retrieve your door keys so that you can quickly enter your property in case of an emergency.

The Key Safe Box is only secure when it is installed correctly. You should strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure that your Key Safe Box is securely installed on a sturdy surface such as a brick wall or concrete, using approved accessories.

Best location for wall mounted key box

The Key Safe Box should be hidden from view to reduce the risk of your property becoming a target for thieves.

It is not visible to passers-by - for example, it may be hidden by a window frame, mailbox, drainpipe, or plant. You should ask yourself whether it can be seen from the road, whether it is easily identifiable as a Key Safe Box and whether it is located near the door. If the answer to any of these questions is "yes," you should consider moving the box to another location. It should be installed in a location where:

Please remember that your house keys are stored inside the safe box, so it should be placed in the most secure location possible.

The Key Lock Box is a secure storage solution for your keys. It is designed to keep your keys safe and secure, and anyone who tries to tamper with it will be clearly visible. It is recommended that you keep the Key Lock Box in a place where it is not visible to others.

However, smashing the box is noisy and time-consuming, requiring tools like a hammer and chisel. A savvy thief is more likely to steal a key or break a window than to try to break into a Key Lock Box.

Key Lock Box

The main advantages of an outdoor key box are improved security and convenience. Here are some specific advantages

Increased security: An outdoor key box can help you securely store spare keys in case you accidentally lock yourself out or lose your keys. If you have multiple household members, an outdoor key box can also avoid the hassle and security risks of distributing keys to everyone.


Convenience: An outdoor key box allows you to access spare keys at any time without having to carry them with you. This is especially convenient when you need to let family members, friends, or service personnel into your home, and can also prevent the risk of losing keys.


Durability: Outdoor key boxes are typically made from sturdy materials that can withstand various weather and environmental conditions such as rain, sunlight, cold, and heat.


Easy installation: wall mounted key box with combination lock are usually lightweight and easy to install, with pre-drilled holes or adhesive mounting pads that allow you to install them anywhere you need, such as on a wall, porch, or fence.

How to Use Key Lock Box

To open the Key Lock Box, simply input the correct password and turn the dial. If you input the wrong password, the switch will not turn.

Changing the Code:

Proway recommends that you change the password on your Key Lock Box regularly. We will provide you with the initial password, but you can also set your own password. Changing the code is as easy as setting the code for the first time. You can change the code multiple times as needed - if you need assistance, please contact the manufacturer.


Before attempting to set a new password, please open the Key Lock Box and move the reset position from A to B. The Key Lock Box is now ready for you to input the new password. It is important to note that each button will make a clicking sound when pressed. Once you have successfully input the new code, simply move the reset position from B to A to reset the password.

How to Close the Key Lock Box:

To close the Key Lock Box, you can scramble the numbers and cover up the correct password so that the switch cannot be turned.

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